Welcome to Plum Majestic, a marketplace of contemporary art objects created by American artisans in the American arts and crafts tradition. The art presented here is the result of a search of the United States from north to south and east to west to find contemporary artisans whose work represents the finest of their craft.

In a world cluttered with mass produced items that can be found virtually anywhere, Plum Majestic offers many one-of-a-kind or limited-edition creations that have been created by individuals who have tremendous passion for their craft. That passion and their skill are evidenced in the beauty of the objects they create. Artistry, craftsmanship and limited quantities make Plum Majestic a valuable resource to find a unique gift for a special person, or an item that you can wear or enjoy in your home or your office that expresses your style and achievement.

We believe the beauty of artistic creation transcends national boundaries and that art objects are a source of inspiration. We hope you’ll find objects whose beauty and artistry both inspires you and expresses your personal sense of beauty. Our inventory will change continuously, so please visit our pages frequently.

Plum Majestic is an American-owned and operated business. If you enjoy your purchase experience with us, please tell your friends.