Ann Fahl is a quilt artist living and working in Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin. She has been sewing since the age of 12. Her parents were classically trained, professional musicians. As the oldest of three sisters she was expected to take piano lessons; and later on learned to play the cello. Her parents impressed upon her the importance of finding a passion; which Ann did. It wasn’t music, it was all the fiber arts, and the most important was sewing. Neither parent sewed but they did their best to find classes and women in the community that could help Ann with her sewing projects.

Like most teenage girls, Ann became very interested in clothing and fashion. To her, sewing was a very enjoyable pastime, and she was good at it; so from that time on she made her own clothing. By the time she entered the University of Wisconsin, she was sure that sewing and clothing would lead her to a career in business and retailing. She went on to work for Gimbels, Marshall Field & Co., which were large regional department store companies, and several fabric chains. In 1978, she finally took the beginning quilting class that changed her life forever.

In her early years, quilts never interested Ann, even though she grew up with old quilts on the beds at her grandmothers’ homes. From the first night of the quilting class, she realized that this new media allowed her to put all of her loves together: sewing, color, texture, shape, thread and fabric. She could experiment and sew as she developed her own designs and ideas instead of using traditional blocks. A new world and career opened up for her!

Ann began teaching in 1981, the year of her first blue ribbon quilt. She has traveled across the U.S. working with guilds, symposiums, retreats and quilters of all ages and experience. Now Ann has decided to spend more time in her studio; do some writing and genealogical research instead of teaching. Gardening has also been one of Ann’s passions so she became a Master Gardener in 2012. She wants to squeeze gardening time into her summer schedule!

Her work has been exhibited in competitions, solo exhibits and invitational shows across the United States, France, Germany and Japan. Her work is included in the collections of Northwestern Mutual Insurance Co., Neiman Marcus, Quilts, Inc., Ripon College, Winona Lake Restoration and many private collections. She enjoys the challenge of quilt competitions, so she continues to design new work keeping the level of her workmanship as high as possible.  Articles about her work have appeared in most of the quilting publications in the U.S.A.

She has authored two books: Coloring with Thread and Dancing with Thread. In Coloring, she details how she creates her subjects with free-motion embroidery. Dancing is about her free-spirited approach to machine quilting. She finds the work very creative and shares this with her readers. She also authored and published A Black and White Tale which is in full color and includes images of 35 quilts that tell a story about her cat named Oreo.

Ann is married, lives with her husband and cat.

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