Rest Assured….
Everyone wants to get what they pay for. It’s only right. No fakes. No pirated items. No knockoffs.
Plum Majestic goes to great lengths to guarantee the authenticity of our art. And we provide forms of security to protect that authenticity.

Here’s how.

First, all of our art is signed by the artist unless it is too small or delicate, like some jewelry. We also realize some people may not want art in the form of fashion clothing to have a tag indicating the name of the designer artist. That wish will be honored.

Second, we provide a Certificate of Authenticity with a photo and description of the art, again signed by the artist and the CEO of Plum Majestic.

Third, all possible items will have a state-of-the-art numbered security device incorporated in the art in a non-destructive manner, undetectable by the human eye. A duplicate of this device will be embedded in the Certificate of Authenticity and another will be kept on file by Plum Majestic.

Limited editions of flat art, such as paintings or photography, will also use state-of-the-art technology to make any attempt to illegally reproduce the art unusable. The specific technology will only be known by the owner and Plum Majestic.

Last. You may not want your new art shipped to you. It may be more convenient for you to pick it up or hold it in the United States. If so, we have a secure, humidity-controlled storage facility protected 24 hours a day with authorized access only, security cameras and guard personnel. We will store your art for a small monthly fee until you are ready to pick it up.

What other company provides that level of authenticity, security or convenience?