Minnetonka, MN

Beth Farber HSAs a jewelry designer, I create unique works of art that are soft and sensuous, whose movement and texture seduce the wearer. Once put on, each piece appears to come alive, moving with a woman’s body, adapting to her kinetic energy. My work combines the ancient with the contemporary. Adapting ancient bead weaving techniques, I hand-weave fine gemstones, silver, and gold, with a contemporary sensibility and edge. Each piece is unique and intensely personal—often taking over one hundred hours to create.

My art explores the connection between hard and soft. While pieces are at once hard—made of stones and metal—their ultimate effect is soft, like a piece of woven fabric that is draped over a woman’s wrist, or around her neck.
The designs of these tapestries of precious metals and gemstones are evocative of exotic lands. Drawing inspiration from my international experience, they are all imbued with the colors and visual flavors of the countries and cultures that I have known.

My life is currently shared between my home and studio in Minneapolis where I live with my two children and pets, and my abode in New York where my husband, stepson, and step pets are located.