Fort Collins, Colorado

Gwen Hatchette

“After retiring from a career in elementary education, I’ve been fortunate to pursue my dream of becoming an artist. I loved my years of teaching and integrating art projects with my young learners, and I was personally experimenting with stained glass, pastels, weaving and water color. I was never completely satisfied with my final projects as my paintings tended to take on a muddy consistency.

“I adore the look and feel of fabric and began quilting about 15 years ago, mostly traditional patterns with lovely batiks. In 2005 I purchased a long arm quilting machine named “Bertha.” Since then I have finished more than 500 quilts, including many for charity efforts for Fort Collins community.
“My artistic focus changed dramatically when I began fusing pieces, layer upon layer, to form fabric art pieces. I was able to keep the rich colors by using thread painting, layers of sheer fabric and beaded embellishments. My inspiration is my backyard garden where I pass each day to get to my studio. The satisfaction of adding the unexpected to wall hangings and paper collage has allowed me to experiment more freely with modern themes, colors and forms.”

Gwen is a full-time studio artist/quilt diva who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with her “mad scientist” husband Charlie. Her backyard studio is perfect for any creative endeavor, and in the summertime, her studio doors are wide open to expose the garden.

Her art pieces consist of layers of hand dyed and sheer fabric, beading, embellishments and thread painting. Her early pieces are influenced by her large old town garden in Fort Collins and many have a floral motif. Presently, she is doing more abstract work with microscopic photographs that have been printed on fabric and finished with her embellishment technique. She has appeared on Home and Garden TV (HGTV), and her work has been featured in numerous publications including Machine Quilting Magazine, Studio Magazine and Quilt Magazine.

She enjoys gardening, travel, cooking, bicycling, skiing, hiking and spending time with family and friends.