john-beaverAbout the Artist:  John Beaver

Having lived my entire life near the Pacific Ocean, the motion and rhythm of the ocean’s waves are a major inspiration for my work.  Contrast is also an important element for me, not only aesthetically but in the process of turning a functional object, like a bowl, into an “object d’art.”  Artistically, I like to combine multiple woods with dyes and textures to enhance the rhythmic lines that are a part of my work.  The technical genesis of these works lies in my ability to deconstruct and reconstruct a turned vessel in a number of different ways while maintaining grain and wall alignment.  I hope that my pieces will evoke a feeling of movement and energy in an otherwise static environment.

Living in an urban part of Southern California there is not easy access to a lot of different wood.  Fortunately there is a place near my home where local tree trimmers leave free logs for firewood.  I get about half the wood I use from these piles, and I’m sure people look at me funny as I investigate each piece looking for the gems.   Being mindful of the rain forests, I use primarily North American hard woods, and only purchase limited amounts of exotic wood.

I live in Pacific Palisades, California with my wife and two daughters. When I’m not turning wood I enjoy Golf, Paddle Tennis, Skiing, Cycling and Bocce.

John attended the UCLA School of Fine Arts and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pepperdine University.  He studied woodworking with such famous artists as Malcolm Tibbitts, Mark Gardner and Beth Ireland.

Awards and Recognition

Among the more recent and many awards he has earned are:


  • American Association of Woodturners: Symposium Instant Gallery Critique Award
  • La Jolla Art and Wine Festival:  1st Place, Wood
  • Beverly Hills Art Show:  2nd Place, Mixed Media
  • American Art Awards:  2nd Place, Sculpture Non-Representational


  • Niche Awards:  1st Place and Double Finalist, Turned Wood
  • American Art Awards:  1st Place and 2nd Place, Sculpture Non-Representational
  • Wharton Esherick Museum:  3rd Place, Sticks and Stones Jewelry Competition
  • Beverly Hills Art Show:  2nd Place, Mixed Media


  • Segmented Woodturners Association: 1st Place “One Species” Contest
  • Orange County Woodworking Exhibition:  2nd Place Open Form Turning
  • Glendale Woodturners Guild:  1st Place “Wood Jewelry” Contest
  • American Association of Woodturners:  Symposium Instant Gallery Critique Award
  • American Association of Woodturners:  2nd Place “Bleached Wood” Contest
  • Glendale Woodturners Guild:  1st Place “Open Space” Contest


  • Orange County Woodworking Exhibition:  1st Place Open Form Turning
  • Orange County Woodworking Exhibition:  2nd Place Closed Form Turning
  • Orange County Woodworking Exhibition: Industry Award presented by Deft Finishes
  • Sawmill Creek Fall Turning Challenge: 2nd Place Bowl Category


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