Melody_Randol_HS_250wAbout the Artist: Melody Randol

I’m Melody Randol, a biologist by degree, teacher by profession and fiber artist by passion. Born and raised in southern California, I have spent the past three decades living in the Colorado Rockies. My husband and I are avid campers and hikers, and I’m never without my camera. With Mother Nature as my mentor, I start with what I see.

Every aspect of the natural world enchants me. Whether viewed through a microscope or from a satellite, planet Earth provides an infinite array of colors, shapes, lines and textures. Beauty abounds in its landforms and life forms, and I strive to capture the intrigue, rawness, and richness in cloth and thread.

My camera is my eye to the world. My work is often based on my photos, yet it is the feel of a place I hope to express more than a specific image. Camping and hiking are routine endeavors, thus I come to sense the spirit of a setting. When I reflect on my time spent in a given locale, what do I remember? I try to distill what captivates me most, and that is where I start my art.
I use a number of tools in creating my art including a camera, computer, scanner, printer, and sewing machine. I dye, paint, discharge, print, stitch and embellish fabric. Each art quilt evolves as I work, with the end result being something beyond what I envisioned at the onset. My work, like nature, is ever changing, and is found in numerous corporate, public, and private collections.

I create all of the cloth I use in my work by dyeing, painting, discharging, screen-printing, and other processes. My fabrics are rich and layered to emulate colors and textures found in nature. Cloth and stitching are applied in multiple layers, and the result is richly textured. The result is fiber art with all its boundless intrigue. #

Artist Statement
Fabric is fascinating. As a fabric artist, I use it in countless combinations to create scenes, illusions, complex patterns, and designs. Intriguing arrangements of fabric may scream or whisper, evoke tears or laughter, haunt or soothe. Although two dimensional, the order of fabrics may suggest light, movement, depth and dimension. Fabric is both visual and tactile, with color, value and texture palettes as diverse as Mother Nature’s. I use fabric to create art quilts.

Quilts are universal, in both time and place. Quilts embody two common human needs: the need to conserve and the need to create. Why else would quilt makers around the globe take the time to sew recycled bits of fabric together into interesting designs, patterns, and pictorials? At the most basic level, a quilt warms the body – is a sensory comfort food. It may also trigger old memories, create new ones, elicit an intellectual reaction or evoke an aesthetic response. In one way or another, people connect with and react to quilts.

I strive to create quilts that entice viewers to take a closer look – to see the parts as well as the whole, to note details not visible from afar, to ponder the techniques used in creating the quilt. If a visual image of the quilt imprints on the viewer¹s mind, or if the viewer thinks about the quilt when it is no longer visible, I have succeeded in creating a piece of art. *

Selected Juried Exhibitions, Awards, and Media/Publications
2012 Seasonal Palette, Studio Art Quilt Associates, traveling exhibit
2012 Best Of Show, International Quilt Festival, La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum, La Conner, Washington
2011 Best of Show and Viewer’s Choice, “Water, Water Everywhere,” Aullwood Audubon Center, Dayton, Ohio
2011 Machine Quilting Unlimited, Vol XVI No 6, “Jaw Dropper”
2011 New Legacies: Contemporary Art Quilts, Lincoln Center, Ft. Collins, Colorado
2011 Pushing the Surface 2011, Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum, Coshocton, Ohio
2011 Quilt Invitational, Brigham City Museum-Gallery, Brigham City, Utah
2010 Creative Force 2010, Studio Art Quilt Associates, traveling exhibit
2010 500 ART QUILTS, Lark Books
2009 Fiber Celebration 2009, Loveland Museum, Loveland, Colorado
2009 “The Fiber of Nature,” Reporter Herald, Loveland CO, APR 8
2009 Denver Quilt Festival 2009, Denver, Colorado
2009 “Renowned Fiber Artist to Share…”, The Coloradoan, Ft. Collins, Colorado, JAN 11
2008 “Machine Quilting Unlimited”, Vol II No 4, Featured Artist
2008 1st Place Award, “Fabric of Legacies,” Lincoln Center, Ft. Collins, Colorado
2008 “Winning Quilts Resemble Fine Art,” Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, Colorado, MAY 18
2008 Best Wall Quilt Award, Denver Quilt Festival 2008, Denver, Colorado
2008 One Patch Plus by Louisa L. Smith
2007 A New Twist on Strips ‘n Curves by Louisa L. Smith
2006 “Material Matters,” Kimball Art Center, Park City, Utah
2006 Quilters Newsletter Magazine #386, OCT, “Stencils & Sponges”
2005 “Small Works,” Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, Golden, Colorado